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Is your website your WORST salesperson?

What would you do if you employed this salesperson:

  • Whenever he’s needed he’s nowhere to be found
  • Doesn’t listen and never shares information 
  • Slow to move and routinely gives out-of-date info about your Company
  • Will not follow up on a lead or ask for a client’s business
  • Has been employed for years, but never made a sale – that you know of…

That couldn’t happen at your business, right?

What if I told you that you DO have him as an employee right now? You might not think of him as a salesperson.

He’s actually your Website!

And he’s killing business opportunities for you on a daily basis.  So fire him, and turn your under-performing website into a cash machine for your business.

Here are some ideas for your website design makeoverBlue Room at 5x5 Lab Website Design

Keep in mind that if someone makes it onto your website…what is it that you want them to do? Call?  Order?  Send a contact form?  Email for more info?

Remember: a clean, artsy website is a wonder to behold, but does it make money for you? 

  • Have a contact form on every page
  • Have your phone number in the header area of every page
  • Have access available to your eCommerce site on every page
  • Your website needs to be of Responsive design, also known as HTML5. With most of your traffic coming from mobile devices, you’ll want your site to be fully functional on a smaller screen.
  • If you expect customers to come to your business, have a map and directions available.  And while we are at it, make sure your Google Maps listing is spot-on.
  • Use shareable pop-up coupons or offers on your site to promote products or specials.  They work.
  • Use marketing automation, such as Hubspot or Signpost, to follow up on prospects and clients.  It’s easy to get busy and forget to move your prospects through your sales cycle.   That’s what these tools do for you.

Use some of the tips above and I’m sure you’ll enjoy renewed success with your business!

At 5×5 Lab, we build websites that function as a top salesperson for your business.  We use proven marketing technique and automation to convert prospects to clients, and clients to repeat buyers.  We drive positive online reviews, testimonials and referrals from your best customers.

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We Turn Your Site Into A Lead Generation Machine!

Your website should be your #1 salesperson. It doesn’t take breaks, need time off, or have bad days. Your site should function as a powerful selling machine that demonstrates the value your business offers, and brings you leads ready to close. There are a number of elements that are essential to ensuring that your site does its job and turns browsers into buyers, and often times these factors get lost in the website design process.

If your site is tired and sharing out-of-date information with your prospects and clients, now is the time to make changes.

We focus on:

  • How to get your site found online by the right audience
  • How to design a site that works the way your audience intends
  • How to create effective content that captures user attention and offers value… without boring them!
  • How to convert tirekickers into paying customers
  • How to convert previous buyers into repeat buyers

Here are some qualities of a great website design:

❏ Appealing to target audience
❏ Consistent site header/logo
❏ Consistent navigation area
❏ Informative page title that includes the company/organization/site name
❏ Page footer area includes copyright, last update, contact e-mail address
❏ Good use of basic website design principles: repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment

❏ Balance of text/graphics/white space on page
❏ Good contrast between text and background
❏ Media queries configure responsive page layout for smartphone and tablet display

❏ Main navigation links are clearly and consistently labeled
❏ Navigation is easy to use for target audience
❏ If main navigation uses images, clear text links are in the footer section of the page
❏ No Flash embeds and the use of non-standard coding and elements is limited
❏ Navigation aids, such as site map, skip navigation link, or breadcrumbs are used
❏ All navigation hyperlinks open in a new window and are not broken

Call us for a free consultation. We work with our clients face to face and never outsource our development work to third parties.  You will be talking with the people in charge of doing your website design and development.

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