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5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your New Website

5x5 Lab uses WordPress

WordPress is the most popular opensource content management system (CMS) in use right now. Companies from Apple to small Mom&Pop businesses have had success telling their story online through a WordPress-managed website.  Should you consider WordPress for your next new website?  Here are 5 reasons to support the move:


#5 Customization. Thousands upon thousands of design template frameworks, widgets and plugins let you control design and function. Do you need a calculator on your site? Would you like to add e-commerce?    How about live chat? Rolling video on the home page?

#4 Responsive. Did you know that +65% of your website traffic is coming from a mobile device? Did you also know that your old site is not a pleasurable viewing experience on a small screen?  HTML5,  “responsive” design templates, allow your site to be easily seen on all screens.  Not just compressing the images for a smaller screen, but changing how the site appears for a better user experience.

#3 User Groups. Have a problem? Chances are, someone using WordPress has had the same one. Ask them and they will help you.

#2 Ease of Use. Many of your employees will already have experience with WordPress by now.  If not, only simple training is needed to learn how to create pages and blog posts, update images, calendars, and existing content.

#1 SEO. Google gives plenty of search engine love to WordPress sites.  They are easy to index because a lot of their information is found in the same places: tagging, formatting, header and tagline, etc.  Wordpress encourages good SEO practice as you write every page and post.