Lirosi Sales Company Awards Web Development Work to 5×5 Lab

Lirosi Sales Company is a new Food Service Distributor in the Capital Region of New York. Joe Lirosi, Founder and CEO, is creating a new service that will offer better service to smaller restaurants, taverns and convenience stores. Lirosi says, “We want to create a distribution network that serves the smaller food service client- presently under served by the Sysco and US Foods distributors.”

John Karling, the Technical Design Director at 5×5 Lab, says that the web design will be created especially for mobile devices. “We want to take advantage of local search, voice search and the fact that these business owners are typically an inch away from their mobile phones at a given moment.” Local search will be enhanced with full “Google My Business” profile development, keyword-focused content, as well as YouTube channel development.

5×5 Lab is a web development agency specializing in design, SEO and eCommerce.