SEO Strategies

SEO Strategy: Improve your SEO with a strategic approach


Despite all the recent focus on content marketing and media marketing, the right SEO strategies can still be a fantastic way to drive quality visitors who want to do business with you to your site.

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Some businesses and blogs can deliver well over half their traffic from SEO through their SEO mastery, or the strength of their brand, so it warrants close attention and a more planned, strategic approach.

A strong SEO strategy will improve your organic Google search results.  Why is that important? Have you ever skipped below the AdWords results and clicked on the most relevant organic result first?  Most people who understand the difference between paid and organic results skip the paid section.  Unless it’s an offer that directly hits searcher’s sweet-spot (30% the exact sneaker your kid needs for school), many sophisticated Google users skip the hype ads and go to the organic.

Reflect back on your experience. That is usually the best indicator as to how to approach potential customers.  Remember, people hate to be sold to, but they love to buy!

Content is King, and truly the heart of solid search engine optimization (SEO).  You’re going to get a lot farther if you put time and thought into using the right words. What defines the “right” words? Again, the “right” words are the words that resonate with your target market and accurately describe you, your products, and your content topics in a way that is informative, engaging, helpful, or otherwise worth sharing. Always keep in mind that you want to help in a balanced way that is genuine and not “salesey”.

Search engines like Google hate Duplicate Content. Duplicate content means that similar content is being shown on multiple locations (URLs) on the web. As a result, search engines don’t know which URL to show in the search results. This can hurt the ranking of a webpage. Especially when people start linking to all the different versions of the content, the problem becomes bigger.  So whenever you write something on your site to attract customers or help them solve a problem, make sure you write as much original content as possible.

Google rewards Original Content and punishes Duplicate Content.  Spend a little time reviewing your creative writing class notes.  It will be time well spent.