Web Design Trends 2017

Here are some 2017 web design trends we are seeing so far at 5×5 Lab.  As with fashion, some of these things we go with, and others are a tougher sell.  We enjoy building sites that showcase these trends and we are always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing!

Design Trends: Typography

5x5 Lab Typography Trends

Bold, large, custom typography is a great way to show your design chops.  Our approach is to use these fonts in headers and sliders, it’s a great way to brand yourself to a particular font.  Overuse of a special font, whether throughout your site or its popularity on other sites, will diminish your overall look.

Design Trends: The Whiteness and the Blackness

A clean, sparse canvas that allows the eye to focus on graphics, artwork, or a product is good design.  Backgrounds have recently trended to be white or off-white.  5×5 Lab design preference for fashion is clean white.  In the examples above it appears that the black background allows more focus on individual images.

Design Trends: Open Configuration, aka “You Figure It Out”

Asymmetrical, with a little mystery, and a definite “insider” feel.  This design trend eschews the standard navigations and layouts associated with web design.  It is deconstructed, with the usual content of images, video and text being found more by site exploration, rather than direction.

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